About Abundant Life Coaching

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're dissatisfied with your life, but you don't know what you'd change or how.
  • You're not stepping out to do what you want to do for whatever reason (guilt, worry, fear, just plain negative thinking) -- AND you desperately want to rid yourself of those obstacles and move forward with confidence.
  • You're frustrated with yourself because you don't seem to be moving forward with your dream. Maybe you've been successful in other areas of your life, which makes you even more upset with yourself for being stuck.
  • You constantly feel unsettled because you don't know which step to take next to really move in the direction of your dream.

What if…

  • ...you could find a way to get crystal clear on what you REALLY want (then have a plan to make it come true)?
  • ...there was a system for determining which path best fits your dream – or for creating the perfect path for you?
  • ...you could get personalized, step-by-step instruction for dissolving your blocks and changing your behavior so you could move full steam ahead towards your dream?

What if you could make your dream REAL, NOW?

If you’re ready to create a life you love living; you’re in the right place!

About Sheila S McIntyre

For over 25 years I've been a student of personal growth. Through trial and error, (lots of error) I know all too well what it feels like to be without hope, purpose, and just plain "stuck". From suffering with addiction for 10 years, to finally crawling out of the "deep dark pit" to living a life by design, not default; I understand the power of transformation and holding a vision to fulfill ones dreams.

In spite of my difficult journey, I have been fortunate to have enjoyed a career as an award winning actress, teacher, and a corporate teambuilding expert. I have shared the stage with my mentor, Mary Morrissey, as well as many Denver personalities.As a Certified DreamBuilder Coach, I am dedicated to bringing hope and possibilities to everyone I meet.

I can help you design and manifest a life that's freer, fuller and filled with abundance.Whether it's a dynamic "one on one" coaching program, a "Lunch and Learn" training, or an afternoon workshop, I help my clients achieve new heights of success, meaning and aliveness!